“Aktiviti yang menyeronokkan dan sangat kreatif ideanya. Melalui aktiviti ini, pemahaman saya terhadap bab ini lebih mendalam.” – Dahlia Diana, student of SMK Puteri Ampang

On 8 September 2017, we had a whole day of time travelling with Syoknya Sejarah Bersama Unriddle 1.0 at the amazing SMK Puteri Ampang. Thank you so much to all Form 4 students who joined us in this challenging yet fascinating journey. A shout-out as well to Puan Bibi, Puan Lee, and all teachers involved for making it happen! We wish we had more time to get to know even more students, but perhaps in a different programme or a different year. We hope to come to SMK Puteri Ampang again ♥